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Dr. Ellen Solomon prides herself in the smiles she creates. She believes in providing the highest quality general dentistry treatments for patients of all ages. She takes time to evaluate your oral health ensuring your teeth and gums will remain healthy for years to come. Whether it is a cleaning, teeth whitening or implants, every patient receives the highest standard of care in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.


We use digital x-rays. In August, we are adding a chair side HEPA filtration system for your added safety, to protect patients from airborne contaminants.

General Dental Care Services

Our office provides plenty of different services for you and your family. We work with you to customize a plan to prevent, treat, evaluate or diagnose your oral condition.

Cleanings are recommended at least 2 times a year for people with good oral hygiene. Some people might require more treatment, and this should be discussed with the dentist on an individual basis. Cleanings allow us to see decay or gum disease early so that a whole tooth is not lost or gum disease can be addressed
We use special instruments to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums area. When it is all removed, we then polish your teeth.
Some people need more extensive cleaning work and have to have a scaling and root planning. This goes below the gums and some patients might need topical or local anesthetic. If surgery is indicated, the patient will be sent for evaluation by a periodontist
A complete exam of the head, neck and oral cavity is preformed. Radiographs are taken and an exam is done to detect decay or any abnormalities around existing restorations, gums and bone.
Crowns and bridges are reliable solutions for problems caused by wear and tear, accidents or tooth disease. They cover the structurally damaged tooth and restore its integrity. When there are multiple gaps or missing teeth a bridge is made which is a row of replacement teeth. This is instead of a denture or dental implants. These are cemented into place.
These procedures could range from a simple whitening of teeth to crown and bridge. It can be reshaping the teeth, closing spaces and changing the shade of the teeth. We can use crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, dentures, partial dentures and composite filling material to achieve a great outcome that works for you.
Whether one tooth is lost or many, a dental implant can be placed by a qualified surgeon and then restored by us. We create an artificial tooth and connect it to the implant. The surrounding healthy teeth do not have to be compromised. The patient’s mouth is brought back to a state of function and beauty…plus it feels natural.
A removable appliance is inserted into the mouth to replace natural teeth that are missing. This appliance also supports the cheeks and lips. These can also be made to be attached to underlying dental implants for a more secure fit.
We do select removal of teeth. If we cannot handle your particular case, we can recommend an oral surgeon to you.
Teeth whitening is ideal for patients with healthy teeth and gums to brighten their smile. We offer in-office treatment, take- home treatment or a combination of the two. The patient must be evaluated to see which treatment is best for them.
We see a child for their first dental visit at the age of ONE. This is usually a short visit allowing us to examine the teeth and gums. Remember, baby teeth are VERY important.
If you grind your teeth, day or night, you damage the tooth enamel and jaw. We can make you a protective device so that you can protect your teeth.
Just like you would wear a helmet on your head, your teeth need protection in many situations, too. Take precautions and wear a guard especially made for you to protect your smile.
About Dentist Ellen Solomon

Dr. Ellen Solomon, DMD

Dr. Ellen Jan Solomon, DMD, is a practicing general dentist located in Middletown, NY. Dr. Solomon has been practicing dentistry in Orange County for over 28 years. She is a graduate of Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. She is a member of the American Dental Association, New York State Dental Society, Ninth District Dental Society, and the Southern Orange Dental Study Group. When she is not in the office she enjoys skiing, traveling, gardening, entertaining and mostly spending time with her husband and two children.

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